Project Overview:
The National Dog Show logo and branding is deeply outdated and doesn't do anything to draw new audiences into the event. With new, updated branding The National Dog Show has much more potential to appeal to a younger audience and get people interested in dog shows.
This project was worked on during my senior year of college with The National Dog Show as a hypothetical client of my choosing. The project was created over the course of around 3 weeks.
My Role:
This project was independent so any work shown is entirely mine.
I wanted the branding for this project to maintain some elements of a more classical style to help reflect the current audience and the prestige of the show, while taking inspiration from modern, minimalist designs that would bring this logo and branding into the modern day.
I began this process by sketching various ideas for identity marks, mainly focusing around the dog form and classic shapes and text. I wanted to explore lots of options but generally stay within the ideas of clean, minimal, classic and not too avante garde.
After sketching, I began digital iterations and continued to explore some of the forms I felt had the most potential. After some exploration, I was able to narrow down to a top five I felt were most successful, and pick a direction to create a brand identity around.
Final Design:
Based off feedback from critiques and analysis of my final 5 options, I was able to land on the design I felt most confident in. From here I used my logo to inform decisions about color palette and font choices. I created a few mockups for this, including signage for the show, a watermark for photos and television casting, and stickers.
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