One of my quarantine projects was to learn to screen print using my cricut. This process involves cutting a template out of vinyl with the cricut and applying that to your screen instead of more traditional screen printing methods. It's certainly been a learning process and I am still continuing to develop it as a skill. I produced and sold about ten shirts in the fall as a small collection before deciding I preferred it as a hobby, especially in my small space.
This has been my best selling design, and tends to get compliments when I wear it. I did a single line sketch of a model and then utilized this offset style to add more visual interest. The biggest challenge I faced with this design was mixing colors. I had already decided what colors I wanted to use but only had red, blue, green, yellow, white and black. The teal was the most difficult to get the correct tone, and I discovered through trial and error that just because I had a color I liked before applying it, doesn't mean it would dry the same way.
This is why I decided to scale back to doing screen printing as a hobby and on a small commission basis, the only workspace I have is my kitchen floor which is about 5'x8'.
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