Another quarantine project for me has been building furniture. Growing up in high school I started doing theater tech and learned some basic skills like using a drill, using a chop saw, and various other basic building skills. I'm not big on using plans for furniture, so my furniture is almost always built using a general inspiration photo, doing some sketching, and then winging it.
This was my first building project that I did back in September. Over the last couple years I have been slowly collecting plants... like a lot of plants and I was really starting to run out of room in my 500 sq ft apartment. I went looking online for a cheap shelf and could not find a single shelf that was the size I wanted and also affordable, so I decided to build my own. I saw these plans online for a ladder shelf that used an actual ladder, but I couldn't find a ladder so I used the general shape as inspiration and drew up some plans. Unlike my other projects, this project required me to relearn geometry from high school which was a challenge, but I think it turned out great! The shelf is made of 1x2" boards, 10" boards, and some little L brackets, and then finished with danish oil.
This project was inspired entirely by back to school panic. My partner who lives with me is a gamer, and our previous desk was just big enough for his computer and nothing else. After my first day of fall quarter, I realized I was definitely going to need a desk space to do virtual school, but like with the shelf everything that was large enough online was incredibly expensive. I found some general inspiration online and crafted this 6' long desk out of 2 appearance boards, some 1x3" boards, and a set of mid century wooden legs. As you can see by the second and third photos, I pained the top white and stained the legs. Based off the mess in the photos, you might be able to tell it gets used.... often.
This is my latest piece of furniture that I actually built with the intention of turning a profit. I found the legs for $10 on Facebook marketplace and new that I could toss together a cool piece of furniture. I bought a pine board, stained it, coated it with polycrylic and then attached the legs. I think it turned out beautiful and it went to someone who was super excited to add it to their home.
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