Project Overview:
In December 2023, Walker Hayes released a music video for his new Christmas song, Fancy Like Christmas. Elmhurst's OatNog was featured fairly prominently in the video and our team wanted to create a social ad to increase brand awareness while there was buzz about the video release. The challenge was that the team wanted to feature our product in a way that calls back to the video without actually using the clips from the video. The main requirement for this project was to utilize a specific audio clip from the song overtop the video.
This project required creating a short video in both 1:1 and 9:16 format to be used on Instagram and Facebook as a paid ad. It was important to tie into the elements of the Walker Hayes music video and Christmas.
My Role:
I had a bit of a lightbulb moment for a concept for this ad and my team let me run with it, so I actually was able to take this project from my initial concept and rough pitch through to the final editing and production.
I've been really inspired, especially around the holidays and cozy season, by things that provide "room to breathe" on social media. Simple graphics, ASMR and low stimulation videos, etc. Especially with plant-based milk, there's so much room to play with the sounds, textures and zen experiencing of pouring a glass of your favorite beverage.
I wanted to pitch this concept to my team and honestly, wasn't sure they'd go for it since it was pretty different than their initial ideas about this campaign. I grabbed my phone and my nearest Elmhurst carton and took a quick video to try and help my team visualize what I was picturing. Luckily, despite the quality, they had faith in the concept and told me to run with it.
Since I work across the country from our office and team, I don't have the luxury of access to our studio space or wide array of props and backgrounds, but I felt like I could best execute my vision instead of trying to convey my idea and art direct remotely, especially considering the quick timeline of the project. I spent a few hours in my living room with my camera working on how I could best utilize what I had on hand to bring my vision to life; cozy, relaxing, holiday vibes.
Project Tools:
-2012 EOS Rebel from my childhood photography phase
-Living room lamp
-Netflix birchwood fireplace
-Graphic Designer turned Hand Model
-Trader Joe's fruit cake
Final Product:
Once I captured some video I was happy with, I brought it into the computer to add some soft film-esque editing and the copy and graphics necessary to call back to the music video. I worked with my team on a few iterations, but ultimately we decided simple is best and to really let the product and the environment speak for itself.
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