Project Overview:
Penguin Productions is a youth theater company I had the privilege of working with when they were founded back in 2017, including working on their initial branding and marketing. In December of 2022, they reached out looking for help with a poster and a few associated assets for a one-night-only rendition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) on New Years Eve.
This project was a super quick turnaround, just a couple days outside of my full time job. The director of the show asked that the poster embody all that the show is; crazy, whacky, fun, and of course filled with literally ever show Shakespeare ever wrote.
My Role:
I worked on this project independently with the feedback and critique of the director of the show.
The director came to me asking for the poster to depict a stack of books being stabbed, so that was my main point of inspiration. I also pulled inspiration from the vibes of the show itself; crazy, funky, exciting and bizarre.
With such a quick turnaround, and a fairly concise vision from the director, I didn't spend too much time on ideation. I started out by sourcing a few book images to see what resonated most with the direction the director wanted to go and ran with that.
Final Design:
After landing on a base image with the director, I went in and added Shakespeare titles, lots more color, and text. Due to limited time I didn't get to explore text placement as much as I would've liked when it comes to the details of the performance. The final deliverables were a poster, two social media page covers, and a program.
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