Project Overview:
Partnering with Interscope Records, Tattooed Chef was invited to their Coachella party in 2022. Our activation was a small shipping container that people could explore with a Give A Crop wall that raised money for charity, a tattoo artist doing custom sketches, and a food truck. 
Due to unforeseen circumstances the majority of the design for this project happened in about a week. This includes;
-The layout and interior design of the shipping container
-The small printed signage
-Custom napkins
My Role:
I helped lead the design of the interior space, with lots of input from our CCO, and worked on a 3D mockup of the space as well. I also created the signage for the event.
Our inspiration for the shipping container space was largely Dr. Woo's popup tattoo shop at Freehand Hotel. We also pulled elements and inspiration from our Expo West booth weeks earlier and general mid century styles.
The biggest part of the process for this was the interior design and layout of the shipping container. It took a lot of iteration and research to find a design that met our CCO's vision as well as was executable given our deadline and what we needed to create and order.
Final Design:
After many iterations and lots of tweaking, we landed on a final design that we felt best represented the experience we were trying to provide while maintaining space for our artist to sit, and for people to come in and out to interact with our Give A Crop wall.
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